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Barry Evans

This site is created and maintained by myself, Barry Evans and my partner Paul Banham. We have shared many good times together since I moved to Norwich in 1999.

Paul and I have many interests including travelling to see new places and experience different cultures. Among the joys of our travels of course are the people we meet, the food, the beers and the wines we discover along the way.

Much of this is made possible by our love of motorhoming. I had long wanted to own a camper or motorhome, but we grasped the opportunity in 2007 when we gambled a few hundred pounds on and elderly Renault Trafic campervan and began our new adventures. The story of the Renault and the motorhomes which followed it can be found in the motorhome blog elsewhere on the site.

It is now an unwritten rule that we must escape from the city of Norwich at least once every month. Even if it’s only an overnight stop out on the coast, it’s so refreshing to be somewhere else and do something different.

Being rather older than Paul, I grasped another opportunity in August 2016 and took retirement from my job in industrial electronics rather earlier than I had planned. It’s taken a while to adjust to the idea of not having to get up at stupid-o’clock every morning, but I have warmed to it.

I never even contemplated spending the rest of my days watching daytime television, or for that matter gardening. To fill the working day and try to earn a few extra pounds to top up my pension, we have started an eBay shop and although it’s early days yet it’s interesting and growing slowly. There’s a link to the shop on the homepage. Please take a look and see if there’s anything there to interest you.


Please see our terms and conditions of sale before purchasing.

We are based in Norwich, UK